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Confident leaders create productive teams. Spire Vision Leadership helps leaders to uncover their business and personal blind spots that hold them back in decision-making and in taking calculated risks that will move them ahead in their careers. Through our coaching sessions, we will work together to build the skills and habits to enhance your confidence and leadership style, empowering you to reach your goals and make an impact.

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Leadership and Career Coaching

Move your career forward with customizable personal coaching on increasing your leadership impact through improved communication, influence, strategic and critical thinking, strong emotional intelligence, and executive presence.

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Group or Team Coaching

Cover tactical topics for leadership growth (assertiveness, confidence, active listening, delegation, trust, and emotion management) in a group session with your company’s emerging and advancing leaders. Everything DiSC Workplace® personalized team workshops are also available and targeted at building more productive and effective relationships at work.

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Personal Development Coaching

The best leaders know that their success starts outside the office – personal growth develops you as a leader and motivates you to strive for excellence. I will work with you on establishing a morning routine, reflection practices, and healthy habits that will enable you to be more impactful at work.

Certified & Experienced Professional Guidance

Jennifer Frigault of Spire Vision Leadership is an experienced executive coach and senior executive, with over 20 years of experience leading teams at one of the most successful media companies in the United States. Jennifer is an ICF PCC-level Accredited Coach certified in Leadership for Organization Well-Being, coaching leaders in a broad range of performance management and/or leadership development areas such as executive presence, assertiveness, business transformation, delegation, building trust, and emotion management.

Jennifer brings her own experience and coaching techniques to work with leaders to address the common struggles and complex challenges they face in building and motivating high-performing teams, work-life balance, and developing their careers.  Jennifer has coached senior and C-level leaders and business owners from small businesses to large corporations and career-oriented college students through her continuing education partnership with Kaplan.


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